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  • Q1 - Aq at walidayn (disobedience towards parents) is one of the major sins and will not be forgiven and Allah will not accept our prayers and good deeds as this sin has no forgiveness. What do I do to get Allahs forgiveness and mercy for this sin.
    Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

    A - Salaamun Alaykum. May Allah bless you and your family. Aq al-walidayn is more precisely defined as cutting all ties and relationship with one’s parents in disobedience. This indeed is one of the major sins, but it does have forgiveness. Ask for your parents' forgiveness and Allah’s. Make amends in your relationships and try your best to serve and respect your parents



  • Q2 - I have seen somewhere which states that Allah was actually a moon god in Pre-Islamic Arabia and that's why we have a Crescent moon for our sign. I have hear arguments that the Prophet Muhammad (s) was a child molester as he had married Ayesha when she was very young. Please answer these challenging confusions! 

    A - 1. In the Quran in the story of Prophet Ibrahim it is very clear that Allah is the Creator of the moon in Chapter 6, verse 77 of the Holy Quran:

    Then, when he saw the moon rising, he said, This is my Lord! But when it set, he said, Had my Lord not guided me, I would surely have been among the astray lot.

    2. The crescent is not originally an Islamic symbol. It was first created and popularized by the Seljuk Turks in the 11th century A.D and it was meant to symbolize the Prophets splitting of the moon in which the stars showed in between.

    3. Prophet Muhammad was a kind man who showed kindness and fairness to all people. His marriages were not based on carnal desires. Based on our teachings, she was not very young, some narrations say that she was 27 years old. Please see the following for more reference:

    For Ayeshas age in marriage, see also

  • Q3 - Is eating Halal meat like chicken, cow meat, lamb meat in American restaurants that are non-Islamic Halal? I mean can we eat Barger or Sandwich in an American fast food cahin like, subway McDonald...etc?

    A - If you have certainty that the meat is zabiha halal and does not become najis when it is prepared then it is ok. If the meat is not halal you cannot eat it.



  • Q4 - If a man says to his wife "I divorce you," does that count as a real divorce?

    A - No that is not considered a divorce. Divorce has several conditions. You can read about the conditions in Islamic Law books and also read the following article:


  • Q5 - salaam I gave talaq to my wife I was drunk is it valid. after reading triple talaq" or pronouncing divorce three times in one sitting, is invalid Islamically and should be considered as one divorce only. Therefore this would be counted as one declaration of divorce by your husband. So you are still married.

    I am a bit worried because I cant remember anything. please do let me know its urgent.


    A - There is no divorce in this case. Divorce has several conditions. You can read about the conditions in Islamic Law books. You can also read the following article:

    Also, it is my responsibility to mention that drinking is one of the major sins of Islam.



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