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Recent Questions

  • Q1 - I live in Jeddah and have applied for Hajj and already received my hajj permit. i have been doing research on which type of Hajj i can perform. is it Hajj Tamattu or Hajj ifraad. Note that my relatives have already arrived from India and i would like to assist them during the Hajj days.

    A - Salam alaikum, if you live in Jedda your Hajj will be Hajj Tamattu and you will need to go from Juhfa to wear the Ihram.

  • Q2 - How to pray in coach during travel?

    A - If there is no possibility of stopping before qada time, then you can pray while sitting. And then you do qada later on.

  • Q3 - I have a lot of religious books at home which are not being read. How can I dispose off these books?

    A - If you do not need, maybe you can take it to the nearest library. If there is a masjid you can give it to them as well. If any friends need them you can donate to them. If they are in bad shape you can shred them and recycle them.

  • Q4 - What is salat al layl

    A - Salamun Alaykum. Salaat al-layl is a special night prayer performed before Fajr. You can find more information on the following site:

  • Q5 - Salam,
    earned some money and put it on the same bank account I have my pocket money (from my father as a gift every month). I used to spend some money. How can I know now how many zakat I have to pay? As I know I don't have to pay for money when it's a gift. From which amount of money should I calculate the Kuhms

    Money on account: 1820€
    Earned: 1415€
    Pocket money: 600

    A - Salamun Alaykum. May Allah bless you and your family. Yes according to Ayatullah Khamenei gifts do not have khums. After one year anything that remains and is not gift money you need to give ⅕ of that for khums.

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