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  • Q1 - if someone is agree to nikah with me happily and we both have wish to do nikah but we are unable to have eyewitnesses because we are at distant places and her family will not accept me and we can't meet up-to sometime but if we do nikah our-self by keep remembering God through social media and make ALLAH our eyewitness. And by heart and remembering Allah we accept each other husband and wife....
    is we are husband and wife?

    A - The laws of marriage are very clear. You must have permission of the girls father or vakil if she has not been married before. Please see the other conditions marriage by clicking here:

  • Q2 - I have an anal fissure, it is a disease similar to piles. It makes me bleed while passing stool. The amount of blood varies sometimes. It isn't too much sometimes it is around half a glass. Can I fast with this condition? 

    A - Blood does not break the fast but if fasting is harmful for your health then you cannot fast.

  • Q3 - Is taking a bank loan that you can afford on a house or real estate business considered Riba? 

    A - Taking out a loan with interest it is only permitted in certain circumstances such a first house that you cannot afford without the loan.

  • Q4 - Please brief me about aqeeqah of my 2 child's I have 1 daughter and a son. Please brief me ahkaam of aqiqah in detail or suggest me some readable resources for the above Thanks allot. 

    A - Aqiqah is to slaughter sheep or any other animal that is usually slaughtered on the seventh day of the childs birth to protect them from trials. It is not enough to pay the amount of the aqiqa, but it is okay to hire someone or give someone money to perform the sacrifice. It is mustahab to feed this meat to the momineen (believers). The family of the child should not eat from the meat. It is good to shave the head of the child and give the equivalent weight of the hair in sadaqa (charity)in gold or silver. If one is not able to do the aqiqah on the 7th it is still musthab on the father to do so until the child is baligh.

  • Q5 - Recently in a conversation with a Sunni brother, we ended up discussing the Jafari madhab. One thing that was brought up was that Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik were contemporaneous to Imam Jafar as-Sadiq and they did not form what is known as the Jafari madhab. In other words they were saying that if you want to access the teachings of Imam as-Sadiq there is no better way than following either the Maliki madhab or Hanafi madhab. On top of that they were essentially saying that the Jaffari madhab was invented later on and falsely attributed to Imam as-Sadiq. I was wondering how you would respond to these allegations. Thanks.

    A - "Jafari Madhhab" is a title give by others. Until the time of Imam Sadiq (A) the Muslims did not have different groups of fiqh. However, after the studetns of Imam Sadiq announced different Madhabs people attributed the Madham of Imam Sadiq as Jafari. It is important to note that we are not limited to one Imam’s fiqh and follow all the 12 Imams and believe all of their fiqh is the same. Please see: for additional reading.

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