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Recent Questions

  • Q1 - Is eating Halal meat like chicken, cow meat, lamb meat in American restaurants that are non-Islamic Halal? I mean can we eat Barger or Sandwich in an American fast food cahin like, subway McDonald...etc?

    A - If you have certainty that the meat is zabiha halal and does not become najis when it is prepared then it is ok. If the meat is not halal you cannot eat it.



  • Q2 - If a man says to his wife "I divorce you," does that count as a real divorce?

    A - No that is not considered a divorce. Divorce has several conditions. You can read about the conditions in Islamic Law books and also read the following article:


  • Q3 - salaam I gave talaq to my wife I was drunk is it valid. after reading triple talaq" or pronouncing divorce three times in one sitting, is invalid Islamically and should be considered as one divorce only. Therefore this would be counted as one declaration of divorce by your husband. So you are still married.

    I am a bit worried because I cant remember anything. please do let me know its urgent.


    A - There is no divorce in this case. Divorce has several conditions. You can read about the conditions in Islamic Law books. You can also read the following article:

    Also, it is my responsibility to mention that drinking is one of the major sins of Islam.



  • Q4 - I am a shia but I have no knowledge about Shiism are my ibadat accepted

    A - Knowledge of Shiism is not a condition for ibaadah (ritual acts) to be valid. Although attaining knowledge and understanding is highly emphasized in Islam and I encourage you to seek this knowledge and learn. There is a good website that provides great introductory classes with learned scholars.



  • Q5 - If Allah is All-Knowing as stated in the Quran, that means He knows all, and that includes every choice I have ever made and those that I will make in the future. Knowing that means that Allah has predetermined our lives. Doesn't that mean that gay people are all going to hell? Gays do not choose who they fall in love with, it has to do with the emotion of love which is controlled by the brain. Allah is the one who put our emotions in us as He is the one who created us, so why does He send them to hell?

    A - As you have mentioned Allah is All-Knowing but His knowledge does not force our choices. Allah’s knowledge is that He knows what kind of choices we will make. The knowledge itself does not affect our free will. For example, if someone is standing on a building and sees that a car is going to collide with another car, his/her knowledge does not cause the collision. Secondly, love is an emotion that we might not have control over but our actions are controllable. For example, if I feel angry, I might not be able to control my feeling of anger but I can control my actions in reaction to this anger, i.e. choose not to hit someone. In conclusion, Allah created human beings with free will to choose their life choices.


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