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  • Q1 - Assalamualaikum Ustaad. I have a question which I hope you can answer. A few weeks ago, in the morning time, I got impurity on my hand. I washed this off but as I was washing, water splashed from the sink onto the top part of my left ear almost immediately. This is most likely impure. I ignored the splash and told myself to wash it later after school since I had no way of praying in school anyway. It was raining outside and so I wore my coat with my hood. When I got to school and took the hood off, the furry part of my hood was wet and it touched my left ear. I'm assuming that this made that part of the hood impure. I ignored this also because I dont pray with the coat so it doesn't matter. However, after school, it was still raining and I put my hood on. When I got in my dad's car, the furry part was touching the seat and was most likely wet due to rain. Doesn't this mean impurity spread onto the car? Im mainly worried that people are going to sit in the car with wet clothing and spread impurity onto their clothes. Please answer asap Ustaad as I have waswasa. 

    A - The transfer of najasah stops after a few times. Firstly when you were washing your hand under water the first time as the water hit the najasah it becomes taahir. Therefore your ear and everything after is not najis. I also advise you to get spiritual counseling by a local scholar for your waswas.

    Maulana Nabi Raza Abidi