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  • Q1 - I was in a state of janaba while I was a guest at someone's house. I was going to miss the time for dhuhr and asr and I couldn't do ghusl because it would have been publicly humiliating for me to shower in a stranger's house so in this sense I did not have access to water. I had to go secretly do tayammum. However, I continued on and later did my maghrib and isha when time came. Is this ok? My issue wasn't necessarily lack of time, I just didn't have access to water because I couldn't ask to shower in a stranger's house or randomly jump in his pool. 

    A - If you performed tayammum and there was enough time to perform ghusl you should perform ghusl and make qadha for your prayers. In your case dhuhr and asr are okay but for maghrib and isha you must perform ghusl again since there is time. Instances like this where one might be embarrassed to take a shower happen often but it is possible to shower and do ghusl with very little water in a manner that others would not even know you took a shower. After making yourself taahir you can take a glass of water and just quietly pour over your head then right side then left.

    Maulana Nabi Raza Abidi